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Main Course

Shish Tawook

Grilled Marinated chicken breast spiced with lemon skin and oriental spices. / side dish mixed grilled vegetables or green salads.


Shish Kebab

Minced meat mixed with fresh parsley, coriander, onions, spiced with oriental spices grilled on open fire /side dish steamed rice or green salads.



Chicken breast marinated in cardamom yogurt, lemon skin, vinegar sauce, grilled on open fire/ Side dish fresh green salad and bread.


Tomatoes ginger Kufta

Spiced minced meat poles cooked in tomatoes ginger sauce / side dish steamed yellow rice topped with roasted pin seeds a cashew nuts.


Thina Grenadine Kufta

Spiced minced meat cooked in tahina grenadine sauce / side dish steamed rice topped with roasted pin seeds and cashew nuts.


Musakka (vegetarian)

Roasted eggplant cooked in fresh tomato garlic basil sauce / side dish steamed rice.


Musakka (meat) 

Roasted eggplant and oriental spiced minced meet cooked In fresh tomatoes garlic basil sauce / side dish steamed rice.


Chicken Kabseh 

Saffron and oriental spiced rice topped with spiced roasted Chicken and pine seeds, kaju nuts./ side dish spicy tomatoes sauce  



Oriental spiced rice topped with roasted chicken, eggplant and nuts. Side dish yogurt mint sauce.

Cabbage Rice Rolls (chicken or VGE or meat)

Spiced rice mixed with your choice (meat / VGE/ Chicken) rolled into cabbage leaves.  


Grilled Lamp Meat

Marinated cubed lamp meat, onions, tomato grilled on open fire/ side dish fresh green salads and breads 


Fatteh ( chicken/ meat/ natural)

Crispy Arabic breads mixed with cooked chickpeas and with your choice (chicken, meat, natural) topped with spiced tahina yogurt sauce and roasted pine and cashew.



Grinded chickpeas, spiced with oriental spices, coriander, onions and sesame seeds deep fried in hot oil./ side dish green salads and tahina yogurt sauce and flat bread.


Vine leaves rolls

Lamp Meat in Yogurt Saffron Sauce

Lamp meat cooked in yogurt saffron sauce./ Side dish steamed yellow rice topped up with roasted nuts and pine seeds.



Spinach (meat or natural)

 Fresh spinach leaves cooked in coriander, grenadine sauce, lemon sauce. / Side dish steamed rice.


Cumin Spiced Salmon Fish

Salmon fillet marinated in lemon skin cumin sauce baked in hot oven/ side dish steamed rice or boiled potato. 



Spicy Grilled Salmon Fish

Salmon fish fillet spiced with mixed oriental spices grilled on open fire./ side dish grilled seasonal fresh vegetables or fresh green salad.



Herbal Salmon Fish

 Salmon fillet baked with fresh mixed herbs, served with fresh spring onions yogurt sauce / side dish rice or boiled potatoes.